Moravian Tin Star Lights

Moravian Tin Star Lights with decorative punched out patterns. These Mexican Tin Stars are made of tin metal and perfect to be used as decorative accent lights. These artistic  and rustic cut or punched tin stars will throw unique light pattern across the room. Tin star lights are best used as accent lights and not as a main light source.

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All tin star lights are authentic, handmade creations, skillfully crafted by artisans in Mexico. We turn the stars into lamps in the USA. All electrical parts are installed and tested right here at our workshop in Lynn, MA.

Please check each tin star lights detail page for standard features and wiring options.

As we wire all star lamps right here in Massachusetts, we can offer custom wiring. If the options below won’t work for you, just let us know your wishes. Contact us here.

Standard Wiring: The 8 ft cord with plug will work best if the star light is going to be used as Swag Style Plug-In Chandelier or if you are going to use it as an Accent Table Lamp. The 18 point star lamps will stand well on any of it’s three points.

Optional Hard Wiring: If you want to install your tin star light as a hanging light fixture, we recommend choosing the Wiring Option: “Hard-Wire Kit & Cover Plate” on the products detail page. Your lamp will then be wired with a grounding wire as required by code in most states. All the mounting hardware, cover plate, and 3 ft chain will be included too. The lamp is now ready for your electrician to be installed directly to your ceiling box.

Of course you may install your star light yourself if allowed by local code. Just make sure you inform yourself thoroughly how to do this safely. There are many sources online on how to takle an electrical project or you can purchase a do it yourself book on electircal wiring. Our star lights are easy to install.